Setting up and running ads in Google Ads.
Profile management and marketing on social networks Facebook, Instagram (SMM).

Launch of advertising campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook

We will conduct industry research and keyword analysis, create and optimize your advertising campaign. We organize a structured advertising account in Google Ads (Adwords).

To achieve sales results, we will select the right audience and create ads on social networks. We will develop banners for an advertising campaign on Facebook.

Maintaining social networks

We will take care of your social media profiles. All you have to do is serve new customers. Managing Facebook and Instagram accounts is the best way to ALWAYS stay connected with your customers.

Content creation

We will develop a monthly publication plan. We will design the profile both visually and informatively, we will write the text for publications.

Commercial photo

With the help of professional photo and video materials, we will create a serious image of the company.
To increase demand for a product / service, we will come up with and implement creative ideas.

Landing page creation

Landing page is a one-page website whose purpose is to showcase your product / service, quickly receive an application, as well as collect contact information from the target audience for the further sale of your product.

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